FACT: Small businesses take advantage of less than 20% of the available government incentive programs, while large corporations and enterprises capitalize on the remaining 80%.

Many Government incentives programs are available to growth-stage, small to mid-sized companies including, but are not limited to:

  • Job creation tax credits - tax incentives for new positions created and retained.
  • Training grants
  • Research and Development tax credits and rebates
  • Sub-prime loans
  • Utility credits
  • Municipal tax incentives may include TIF districts, sales tax abatement and more.

Sometimes referred to as free money, these programs offer ways for businesses to align their strategies and growth to meet and even exceed their goals. The ways that incentives impact a business depends on the vision, industry and speed of growth, but here are some ways ENJEN clients have been able to use incentives:

  • Alternative finance options
  • Resources for capital investments
  • Increase cash flow
  • Ability to invest back into the business
  • Invest in talent through training
  • Site selection and other real estate decisions
  • Shift hiring strategies for further savings

Ultimately, these government incentive programs are designed to grow businesses and the overall economy. Small businesses are 40% of the overall economy and had a huge impact—it’s time for more businesses to discover the opportunity to grow through the programs that were designed to fuel their growth.

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