Jennifer Kraus-Keely


Jennifer Kraus-Keely is the Founder and CEO of ENJEN Growth Advocates, a consulting and advisory firm that helps small to medium-sized businesses identify and procure offers of tax incentives, grants, funding, and other benefits available from state and local governmental organizations for job creation.

In the creation of ENJEN, I have successfully rallied a new perspective towards government incentives to be used responsibly for all size businesses. This came to be, through effective research, passion, dedication and negotiation skills that produced a 100% success rate in procuring government incentive award offers for each of our clients. Throughout my life I have been regarded as a strategic thinker and a pathfinder which led to a priority system that engages government and corporate functional leaders in a transformative nature and is effectuating organic business growth and jobs. I am motivated in my work by the rewards of serving people and manifesting for the greater good of society helping see anew with hands on implementation and leadership styles.


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Speaking Topics

Learn the ONE thing you aren’t doing in your business today that you need to be.

When you think you are posed for growth, take a step back and ask what it would look like if you had an additional $200,000 in your financial plan. Economic incentives are there to make you think you about your company differently.

What is Creative Growth-Mindset? The test to see if you have one.

​​Get in the Growth Mindset. Whether you are facing obstacles to grow, lack of capital, inadequate resources, time of business growth is both exhilarating and difficult. Find out how to navigate your growth stage.

Growing Your Business? Here are 4 mistakes we’ve seen growth-stage businesses make

Covering the things you can’t do that disqualify you from certain incentives—ie signing a lease, buying property, hiring for a new salaried position—and offering solutions—and education

sS5 ways your strategic plan can benefit from economic incentives.

You have a vision. You have goals. Your strategy needs to be fluid. You need to meet market demands. You need to be able to adjust for business challenges and opportunities. You need the resources to be an effective business strategist.

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