Successful Expansion of your business is a journey that starts with your approach to growth. Cash flow, hiring skilled team members, location requirements, new equipment needs, continuous role adaptation, and planning are a few of the many decisions that will need to be faced in a rather short period of time of business expansion. Adding to the business owners list of maintaining productivity, revenue, and client satisfaction.

Whether you are an entrepreneur hiring your first few employees, a business starting to scale, or a company adding new divisions the choice to expand starts with a positive vision, enthusiastic energy, and a willingness to explore and take on programs that are designed to spur economic growth.

Government agencies from state to local levels have powerful programs and support offering that are designed to help you grow. State Tax Incentives programs for economic development are the primary opportunity for businesses of any size to plan and execute the next ten to twenty years of your company’s strategic growth. State programs leverage support for the three most challenging areas of a growth stage project, Cash flow, Real Estate, and Job Creation. Unfortunately, statistics reveal that Mega Companies are the primary recipient of the awards and advantages of State assistance leaving small to mid-size companies fending for themselves.

This blog is intended to be a resource to put a face to the people in the government organizations that can assist you in growth. At ENJEN we pre-match you to the governments that can sift and sort and qualify for you for programs that fit your unique visions for growth.

Over time we have worked with a myriad of agencies and it is our pleasure to introduce you to some of them that excel in perpetuating growth for all sizes and types of business.

I wish you success, clarity, joy in the journey of growing your business and give thanks to the wonderful organizations that assist businesses in growth!

Kindest Regards and appreciation,
Jennifer Kraus-Keely

Michigan Works


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Jennifer Kraus-Keely, has transformed small to mid-sized companies with her approach to helping them grow with the support of economic incentives.