Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is about two weeks. Each state has separate entities and processes used to put together incentive offerings and support packages. Because of this they vary between 3 days up to 28 days in time returning offers. On average ENJEN clients receive their report in 10- 14 business days.

ENJEN Growth Advocates takes growing companies from start to finish in the process of receiving economic incentives. We believe that all growing companies should be educated on the resources available to them that is affordable and useful. Navigating the full cycle of receiving benefits is time intensive and can be challenging for small to mid-sized companies. ENJEN Growth Advocates alleviates the those challenges with expertise from our Growth Advocates. We also understand that each company has a unique set of opportunities and obstacles in their growth strategy, therefore our Growth Advocates can also provide such as consulting services, managing of municipal-level negotiations, past research and development discoveries, and more.

Most economic incentive consultants charge high fees based on the percentage of awards that can be a burden to small to mid-sized companies. Additionally, many companies' awards packages to do meet the criteria of many consultants require. ENJEN Growth Advocates believes growing companies of all sizes should be receiving economic incentives, therefore we take different approach. Our transparent flat-fee schedule allows growing companies to take advantage of services to assist them in receiving maximum benefits that would not be able to achieve otherwise. Custom consulting, research and development discovery, and compliance packages are offered as well. ENJEN Growth Advocates never incur costs based the amount of economic incentives awarded and received.

Yes, ENJEN Growth Advocates work with growth-stage companies in all US states. Our expertise is grounded working with state and federal level economic development agencies and programs.

There are numerous claims that economic incentives, grants, and other government programs are "free" money. Ask any entrepreneur or business owner and they will tell you that time IS money. It takes a considerable amount of time to go through the process of receiving incentives from the time-intensive application process to communicating with several government agencies to compliance paperwork. So while the funds and incentives awarded are not through a company's revenue model, it does require an investment of time and money to secure the awards and financial benefits.

The answer to this question is complex. There are several factors that result in companies not knowing about growth opportunities through economic incentives. First, government agencies develop programs that companies must seek out. The programs are not necessarily advertised or marketed to companies directly. Second, accountants and CPAs are not generally well versed in these programs either. Third, there is a stigma around working with government agencies such as "too much red tape". It comes down to the fact that companies and their trusted advisors simply are not aware of what is available and do not have a clear understanding of the process. Economic consultants and experts such as ENJEN Growth Advocates work with government agencies and economic development programs exclusively and have an in-depth knowledge of the processes and the way government agencies think about economic growth. ENJEN Growth Advocates understand and communicate the power of a growing company's impact on municipal, state, and national economies to government and agencies that result in maximum awards. This is our job, yours is to run your company.

Not all companies are qualified. This is why ENJEN Growth Advocates offers a FREE Scorecard and Estimation of Benefit Reports to quickly determine and inform companies if their company is at the growth-stage that attracts incentives and awards. ENJEN believes companies of all sizes should know if they do qualify. This survey will saves a considerable amount time and becomes a powerful strategic tool. Most companies that are growing—indicated by creating new jobs, developing new products, relocating, and expanding—will qualify for more than one program.

Yes. All of the economic development programs that ENJEN Growth Advocates works with are available through local, state, federal, and other agencies directly to companies. However, working with an expert or advisor such as an ENJEN Growth Advocate has proven awards and benefits to far exceed what small to mid-sized companies are able to receive on their own. ENJEN Growth Advisors work exclusively in economic development programs and incentives and navigate the process efficiently and effectively. Companies will receive more award and incentives in larger amounts and faster when working with an expert.

The process to receive incentives and other benefits requires highly detailed information about the companies applying for benefits and programs. ENJEN Growth Advocates takes company data and information security very seriously. Your information will never be shared with third parties. Our technology and software programs are secure and protected.

Our process was developed to empower growth-stage businesses with the access to the resources and economic programs that will fuel their growth. ENJEN Growth Advocates are guides through the process of applying for programs, leveraging a company's growth potential, and receiving approval of awards. Most programs require continued compliance, regulations, and paperwork to receive the full benefits, such as tax incentives and tax abatements that can last several years. A company must continue this process to receive full benefits. ENJEN Growth Advocates can work directly with a company on the process of compliance with awards and programs to ensure the maximum amount is received.