by Jennifer Kraus-Keely, Founder and CEO, ENJEN Growth Advocates

In 2012, ENJEN Growth Advocates founder and CEO, Jennifer Kraus-Keely, was consulting with small to mid-sized businesses on business development. One of her clients was interested in exploring economic incentives as a way to propel their business to the next level. Kraus took on the challenge. After successfully navigating the process of several state and federal economic incentives programs, she saw the need for more small to mid-sized businesses to take this approach. The problem was simply that most businesses don’t even know the programs available to them. And the simple concepts behind economic incentives and how to receive them was confusing and frustrating for the businesses that did. Again and again, Kraus saw businesses missing the opportunities because of lack of knowledge, pre-conceived ideas that incentives were not for them, that dealing with government agencies was difficult and full of red tape, and, most importantly, because they did not have the internal resources to explore their option because they were too busy running their businesses.

ENJEN Growth Advocates has worked with companies across several industries throughout the country to receive job creation tax credits, training grants and resources, utility rebates, research and development refunds and tax credits, and subprime government lending. With a median award of over $700,000, government incentives have transformed businesses of all sizes with the help of ENJEN Growth Advocates.

In Leveraging Government Incentives, Kraus starts with a fundamentals of government incentives: Why are there economic incentives? What types of programs are available? What does a business need to do to get government incentives? How does a business leader gets in the "Growth Mindset"?

Large corporations have the resources to receive government incentives and packages from governments agencies to the tune of millions to, literally, billions of dollars. The headlines when Amazon was looking to establish a second headquarters location included dozens of cities and states competing to bring the headquarters to their area. It was going to create thousands of jobs, fuel their local economies, and make a significant impact on the community. The fact of the matter is, those same principles can be applied to businesses of all sizes.

This book is for any business owner who wants to see their business grow and be transformed.