Jennifer Kraus - Keely

Founder and CEO of ENJEN growth advocates

With over $4 million in incentives packages won, ENJEN Growth Advocates founder and CEO, Jennifer Kraus-Keely, has transformed small to mid-sized companies with her approach to helping them grow with the support of economic incentives. The problem with government incentives is simply that most businesses lack a basic understanding of the programs available to them and the simple concepts behind them. Businesses miss opportunities because of lack of knowledge, pre-conceived ideas that incentives were not for them, that dealing with government agencies was difficult and full of red tape, and, most importantly, because they did not have the internal resources to explore their option because they were too busy running their businesses. One of the foundations of ENJEN is education—sharing the power of government incentives with more business leaders.

ENJEN Growth Advocates has worked with companies across several industries throughout the country to receive job creation tax credits, training grants and resources, utility rebates, research and development refunds and tax credits, and subprime government lending. With a median award of over $700,000, government incentives have transformed businesses of all sizes with the help of ENJEN Growth Advocates.

Kraus has a passion for sharing her expertise with growth-stage businesses. She speaks at industry-specific events, small business conferences, HR and other talent-focused events, associations, chambers, and much more. She creates custom keynote addresses, workshops, and talks on economic and government-supported incentives tailored to the audience. She also hosts webinars, sits on panel discussions, and creates content to speak to various business leaders that see need for a better understanding of government incentives. Her first book, Leveraging Government Incentives, will be released early 2020.

Jennifer Kraus

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