Discover the latest, cutting-edge methods tactics to grow your business in today's new economy

Our mission is to help businesses grow by leveraging government sponsored economic incentives and support.

Our economic incentives expertise and guidance can transform you business and reach your strategic goals faster—even exceed them.

Whether you're a small or mid-sized company, ENJEN Growth Advocates does what is right for you and your business.

Knowing the opportunities

ENJEN Growth Advocates has pioneered a cutting edge approach to accessing economic incentives for small to mid-sized companies.

Large corporations have internal resources or hire large consulting firms with high costs, fees, and commissions that are prohibitive for small to mid-sized companies. So those companies are left to fend for themselves and navigate incentive programs on their own. One of the biggest issues is simply awareness—there are a myriad of federal, state and local programs that many companies are not aware of.

ENJEN’s first priority is educating businesses on the opportunities that are available that allow for capital investments back into the business, increase cash flow, increase investment into training talent, developing new products or processes, receiving sub-prime government loans, utility rebates, refunds and other tax credits. And we don’t just stop there. We also can help with procuring rebates from past business activity and investment as well as with ongoing compliance ensuring your company receives the maximum amount of incentives every year.

Incentives are for for all growing companies

ENJEN Growth Advocates work with companies of all sizes in just about any industry throughout the country. Companies that are poised for growth are usually eligible for multiple government incentives programs—most of which they had little to no prior knowledge of.

Discovering Incentives

ENJEN Growth Advocates take each potential client through a discovery process to determine eligibility for incentives. We don’t waste our time and we won’t waste our clients’ time. We believe in helping companies that are ready to grow and who are prepared to invest in their growth. We like to think of it as having a “Growth Mindset”. Others say “It’s putting your money where your mouth is”. Ultimately, the vision and strategy for growth are the most important factors for working with ENJEN. And that’s why we have a 100% success rate, meaning we do what we say we can do for our clients—every time. Our average award—the complete custom package of various incentives—is more $700,000. The larger the company, the faster its growing, the more incentives are available.

Check out some of our case studies to see how ENJEN has delivered significant opportunities to our clients.

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